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Although your plumbing never takes a vacation, if you’re headed out to enjoy some time away during the dog days of summer, take a few preventive steps first, to make sure your pipes remain in good working order upon your return.

  1. Tip #1 Eliminate Leaks

    Nothing ruins post-vacation afterglow quicker than evidence of a flood. To avoid returning to a house that is covered in water, inspect your pipes for leaks. You could find evidence of them under your house (in the slab), in a crawlspace or basement, around wet bars, under bathroom or kitchen sinks, near coolers, beneath appliances such as the washing machine, dishwasher or water heater. Other important spots to check are shower heads, faucets, and toilet bowls. If you see evidence of water staining, even if the stain appears to be old as if the water has dried, call a professional plumber. Remember the adage, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

  2. Clean out your fridge and turn off the ice maker is Tip #2. 

    Prevent potential malfunctions and leaks by giving your automatic ice maker a break. This is important, since ice makers can malfunction, which could result in ice backing up and water leaking into your refrigerator or behind it. While you’re at it, inspect the seals on your fridge and freezer. If you spot wear and tear, valuable energy could be escaping. So, check into the cost to replace rubber tubing. This is also a good time to toss old food so it won’t rot while you’re gone. If you dispose of old produce and expired meat products now, you won’t come home to a smelly house. This is particularly important during the hot summer months.

  3. Check Sprinkler System Settings, another tip!

    Make sure outdoor faucets and sprinklers don’t leak.  As we discussed in detail in last week’s blog post, people tend to overwater, which wastes water and results in high water bills. If possible, turn off sprinklers while you are away and ask a neighbor to water by hand. This way, you won’t be forced to ignore weather cues like rainstorms. Most friendly neighbors are willing to help in exchange for a returned favor down the line or a souvenir from your travels.

  1. Tips for Cleaning the Garbage Disposal

    To ensure efficiency, you should routinely clean out your garbage disposal:

Run water for 30 seconds and allow it to drain.

Pour ½ of a cup of baking soda down the drain.

Pour one cup of vinegar into disposal.

Allow baking soda and vinegar to soak for 10 minutes.

Carefully pour a pot of boiling water down the disposal.

Run the disposal.

  1. Turn Off Main Water Supply

    While you wouldn’t want to do this if you will only be gone for a few days, turning off the water supply to your home is a good idea if your vacation will be for weeks or months. Doing so will minimize the potential for leaks and other issues in your absence. Of course, doing this would interrupt sprinklers, aquariums, and other water-dependent systems. So, unless your lawn is drought tolerant, you may want to reconsider this step.

Call a Pro

If you take a few steps before leaving for vacation, you will not only be able to rest easy while you’re away but you’ll also come home to a home that is in good working condition. If you and your family will be gone for an extended time, ask a qualified plumber to inspect systems before you leave. At JB Plumbing in San Dimas, California, you can expect upfront pricing; fast, free estimates; licensed, bonded and insured plumbers who are neat, polite, and well trained. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment and are proud of the fact our services are free from hidden costs like travel charges. If you call JB Plumbing today, 24/7, you will speak directly to a plumber instead of a telephone answering service. At JB Plumbing, we are experts in residential and commercial plumbing as well as construction. Call today to schedule an appointment. (909) 593-2194.

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