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dishwasher careDishwashers Work Hard

One of the hardest working machines in your house is your dishwasher. Making quick work of messy after-meal cleanups, dishwashers are modern marvels. That is, if they work! When they break, personal efficiency can take a major hit. Since even a few days without a working dishwasher can wreak havoc on your life, we wanted to help minimize your chances of dishwasher downtime by providing this post, chock full of maintenance tips. Follow them for dishwasher care.

Dishwasher Care

  • Power Hungry. Dishwashers have built-in water heaters and motors, so they consume lots of electricity. Take care of your dishwasher with just a few minutes. Make sure your unit is plugged into a grounded outlet or wired directly. Also, ensure your main socket is rated to handle the large load required of most household units.

    More Care Tips

    dishwasher care electricity

  • On the level. Un-level dishwashers can leak. Open the door and place a level along the inside edge. Raise or lower either side by adjusting the feet or add a wedge to balance it if the dishwasher isn’t level,.
    dishwasher care level machine

    Is your dishwasher on the level?

  • Cracking up. To take care of your dishwasher, check gaskets for cracks for signs of deterioration. The rubber or plastic seals along your dishwasher door provide a water-tight seal when they are in good repair. If you start noticing water collecting in and around your dishwasher, the culprit could be faulty gaskets. If the gasket is damaged, remove it. Hardware stores sell replacement gaskets.

Dishwasher Care Starts with You

  • Stopped up. Proper dishwasher care includes routinely checking the sprayer arm for clogs. Over time, food particles, hard water mineral deposits and other debris can block the holes in the sprayer arm. Periodically break up these blockages so the dishwasher will work more efficiently. To clear the obstruction, remove the sprayer arm and soak in warm vinegar for to loosen debris. Then, clean out each spray hole with an awl or pipe cleaner.dishwasher care jet stream
    dishwasher care filter cleaning
  • Use a filter. To care for your dishwasher, check screens and filters. Your dishwasher contains a screen or filter near the bottom above the food drain, designed to catch large food or debris. Clean these filters regularly to dislodge clogs. See the owner’s manual for your individual unit, which should provide instructions for removing and cleaning the filter. If the filter has holes, replace it.

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