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Sewer Problems ManholeYou Might Have a Sewer Line Problem If…

How to Identify Sewer Problems

While you probably don’t give much thought to your sewer line, its condition is vitally important to residential and/or commercial plumbing systems. And if it clogs or otherwise suffers damage, it could wreak havoc on your property. Since offset or damaged pipes can lead to high repair or replacement costs, the earlier you identify and address problems in your sewer line, the better. What’s more, damage tends to increase over time. So, it’s important to stay on top of the condition of your sewer. That is, unless you enjoy paying lots of money and facing huge pipe-related hassles? We didn’t think so!

(As a nod to one of our favorite comedians, Jeff Foxworthy, You Might Be a Redneck if, we offer the following tips for sewer line problem identification: Redneck Sewer Problems

If your sinks and bathtubs are slow to drain, You Might Have a Sewer Problem.

Common Causes of Sewer Problems

Sewer line problems slow sinks, toilets and bathtub drains. In severe cases, they can stop up altogether. Multiple fixtures can be affected by this underlying problem. (Pun, intended.) For example, if the laundry room sink or toilet overflows when you run the washing machine, that’s a definite sign of a blockage in drainpipes. Water flows, as is its job. So, if the system impedes that flow, must find somewhere else to go.

If you hear gurgling sounds when you flush, You Might Have a Sewer Problem.

Sewer Problems Sound Like This

Sewer Problems Tree RootsGurgling sounds are a definite sign of a blockage in your sewer drainage system. In fact, these noises may indicate the presence of overgrown tree roots. If you spot a large tree near the sewer line, roots could be causing the problem. This is often true if you have an older sewer made of clay or concrete, since roots have work their way inside pipes via pipe joints. Tiny feeder roots seeking moisture also find their way into pipe structures. Once inside, they will grow larger, catching toilet paper and solids like a net, eventually forming clots which slow the water flow.

If you must constantly plunge your toilet, You Might Have a Sewer Problem.

What to do about a Sewer Problem

Toilet Plunging Sewer ProblemsDoes it seem like you spend all day plunging the toilet? This could indicate that a clog downstream is preventing your system from properly draining. (Or, maybe you have OCD? Just a thought.) The same is true when it comes to kitchen sinks. If they repeatedly clog or run slowly, let a qualified plumber evaluate the issue. This simple symptom could signal a sewer-line related problem.

If slow drains and clogs don’t respond to plungers or over-the-counter chemicals, You Might Have a Sewer Problem.  

What Clogs in a Sewer Line MeanSewer Problems Spot

Sewer clogs cannot be treated with plungers or drain cleaners. You may need to hire a professional to clear the sewer line of roots and debris. At JB Plumbing, we use a professional Jetter Truck to clear clogs in household systems, large commercial plumbing and at municipal sewer line levels. The Jetter Truck is a powerful drain-cleaning machine which uses high pressure water jets to break through obstructions in a breeze. Master Plumber Jeff Belleville built the truck for JB Plumbing because it combines simplicity of use, safety, and efficiency in an eco-friendly manner, using nothing but the power of water to push out stubborn clogs and clean pipes.

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