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Recording Buildings With Thermal Camera_10Left unchecked, water leaks can wreak havoc on your entire house, flooding floors, damaging sub-floors and potentially leading to the buildup of toxic mold. Repair relative to these scenarios is not only expensive, but can put your family members’ health at risk. If you suspect that your house may have a hidden leak, or would just like to make sure everything is in perfect working order, call your plumber to ask if he uses infrared equipment to spot water.

Infrared Equipment

At JB Plumbing, we use high-tech infrared equipment, which allows us to see behind walls to spot hidden water leaks. Not all plumbers have access to this type of equipment. But the professionals at JB Plumbing find it invaluable for proactively detecting problems.Wet Floor Problem

Finely tuned Infrared (IR) cameras enable users to see cold water and hot spots portrayed onscreen in different colors.

From first detection to eventual repair and, if necessary, remediation has many benefits:
House with stethoscope

  1. Infrared cameras catch even pinhole leaks. When your plumber identifies the location for this type of a leak, he will be able to go directly to the source of the trouble, which will minimize repair work after the leak has been stopped.
    Repairing Pinhole Leaks in Copper Pipes
  2. IR results are immediate. When your plumber shows up with an IR camera, he will instantly detect the exact location of a leak. You won’t have to wait for lab tests to come back or for damage to mount.

    Moisture Can Be Eliminated

  3. Moisture patterns can be detected. Like most people, water follows the path of least resistance. So your plumber will use what he finds while using infrared technology to determine where a leak has started as well as where it will potentially move. This information is invaluable. It will inform repair strategies.Path of Least Resistance Word Arrow Signs Avoid Conflict Take Ea
  4. When objects become wet, air moves across them, causing evaporation. The infrared camera doesn’t “see” water, per se, but recognizes the effects of water on temperature and environment. IR cameras are perfect for diagnosing otherwise hidden water leaks, because they can identify leak location even if the leak is intermittent.
  5. IR Cameras save money. Without the use of infrared technology, the only way to determine the source of a leak would be to open up a wall or floor or even a concrete slab. By using IR, your plumber will be able to pinpoint the leak, which means he will be able to restrict repair work to the area immediately surrounding the problem. This will result in far less time and money than traditional leak detection methods.

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