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Smart Irrigation Month is an annual campaign to increase public awareness about the value of water-use efficiency during summer’s peak demand. An initiative of the Irrigation Association, Uniting irrigation companies, industry professionals and water providers, the month-long observance highlights simple practices and innovative technologies during peak outdoor water season.

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Smart Irrigation Month is designed to:

  • Educate customers about water-use efficiency, by demonstrating the way to conveniently maintain green spaces; minimize overwatering without sacrificing lawns, gardens and landscapes; save money on utility bills; and protect community water supplies.
  • Promote irrigation products and practices that can minimize peak water use and reduce demands on infrastructure.
  • Provide real solutions to today’s water challenges.
  • Help communities Get Water Smart.

Save Water & Money

Property owners and managers typically overwater, unintentionally wasting money every time they use the hose or turn on sprinklers. JB Plumbing, which specializes in leak detection and flooding restoration for homeowners in the San Gabriel Valley, promotes smart water-saving practices. We recommend the following ideas to help save water:

  • Plant and maintain low water landscapes which will thrive in the hot Southern California climate.
  • If necessary, install a new irrigation system that uses real-time weather data and soil moisture sensors to automatically adjust watering to meet plant needs.
  • Use low volume micro-irrigation to precisely apply very small amounts of water to gardens, trees and shrubs, minimizing evaporation and waste.
  • Retrofit existing systems with rain sensors that prevent watering in rainy weather.
  • Program automatic controllers to comply with community watering restrictions while extracting maximum benefit from every drop of water.

  • Audit existing irrigation systems to make sure water is effectively used.
  • Identify rebates from water utilities and other resources for water-efficient products.
  • Group plants with similar water needs close together and separate lawn areas from planting beds.
  • Plan your irrigation zones carefully. Be sure that your system will have enough capacity, now and in the future. The more irrigation zones you plan, the more you can tailor watering even if you modify landscaping.
  • Check the on-site water pressure and select appropriate sprinklers. Low or high water pressure can seriously affect sprinkler performance.
  • Include “smart” controls that automatically adjust watering based on rain, soil moisture, evaporation and plant water use.
  • Use quality components to minimize future maintenance needs and total lifetime cost of your system.
  • Hire a licensed plumber, like JB Plumbing, to assess whether your plumbing is sound or if pinhole leaks are wasting water and costing you money.

Smart Scheduling & Watering

Today’s irrigation controllers allow homeowners to easily adjust the system’s watering schedule to fit different watering needs. To save water and keep a lid on utility bills:

  • Schedule each individual zone in your irrigation system to account for sun, shade and wind exposure.
  • Consider soil type, which affects the how quickly water can be applied and absorbed without runoff.
  • Make sure you’re not sending water down the drain. Set sprinklers to water plants, not your driveway, sidewalk, patio or buildings.
  • Water at the right time of day. Watering when the sun is low, winds are calm and temperatures are cooler minimizes evaporation by as much as 30 percent. The best time to water is during early morning hours.
  • Thoroughly soak the root zone (generally within the top six inches of soil for lawns), then let the soil dry. Watering too frequently results in shallow roots and encourages weed growth, disease and fungus.
  • Reduce runoff by watering each zone more often for shorter periods. For example, setting your system to run for three, 5-minute intervals with some soak time lets water infiltrate the soil better than watering for 15 minutes at one time.
  • Adjust your watering schedule regularly to account for seasonal weather conditions, plant size and other factors. Monthly (or even weekly) adjustments keep plants healthy without overwatering.
  • Visit www.SmartIrrigationMonth.org for details about 2017 activities.

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