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House SinkingA water leak in the home is a nightmare scenario. You return home from an afternoon away, and a flood of water pours out the front door. Toys are floating in the living room, and the air is humid and smells like a swamp. Perhaps the dishwasher line breaks and thousands of gallons of water gush out into the cabinetry and onto the hardwood floors. A leak under a concrete slab can mean a weakened foundation, sometimes resulting in cracks or collapse.

As with most forms of home maintenance, proactive action is crucial for limiting the costs and potential damage. This is especially true when it comes to household water leaks. A small leak won’t close on its own, it will only grow bigger and cause more damage, incurring costs that might not be covered by insurance. Homeowners and business managers that suspect a water leak should immediately call a plumbing company equipped with the last leak detection, repair, and remediation equipment.

Specialized Equipment and Processes for Slab LeaksParete con crepa

Leak detection, repair, and cleanup of leaks under a concrete slab requires sophisticated equipment that can’t be found in every big box or small town hardware store. Leaks under a concrete slab are tricky because they are difficult to detect. The homeowner might notice “white noise” hissing or a whooshing sound, but only if the leak is fairly large.

Make sure you work with an experienced team that is well versed in the use of proper equipment:

  • Electronic leak detection tools are essential for slab leaks. They utilize decibel meters to identify and triangulate the loudest readings. Then, the plumber uses line location equipment to find the leaking pipe under the concrete.
  • Jackhammers for breaking through slabs to fix leaks. When a homeowner wants to preserve their flooring, the plumber can often skip the jackhammer by locating the exactly location of the leak, capping the pipe, and then run a new line.
  • Saw cutters for clean concrete cuts to access pipes efficiently and with minimal structural disruption.
  • Infrared cameras identify leaks. These cameras show larger red or blue spots that indicate moisture or hot pockets. Experienced techs understand how to utilize the equipment to follow the source of leaks through walls, allowing them to minimize the need for construction work after the leak has been repaired. These tools are also useful for showing clients areas of concern regarding mold growth.

Managing Large Leaks
Substantial leaks that damage significant sections of a home or business require a concerted effort from multiple parties. Work with a full-service plumbing company which can perform contractor work and act as a go-between you and your insurance company."... complaints, like... built house on a flood plain."

Tips for handling a large leak:

  • Identify the leak and fix the problem so it does not occur again. A qualified plumber will also conduct a full inspection to make sure a similar leak will not spring up in another part of the home.
  • Experienced plumbers will also know when a leak requires shutting off the electricity and/or gas service to the home. Be very cautious entering a home with ankle deep water.
  • The plumbing company should use high-speed fans and other equipment to thoroughly dry the affected area to prevent the growth of mold.
  • You might be tempted to throw out expensive items damaged by a flood, but, instead, should keep them on hand until the claims adjuster can visit the property and properly assess the damage.
  • Some plumbing firms, such as JB Plumbing, can help homeowners receive insurance claim money because they know how to accurately present necessary information to adjustors. What’s more, they can also explain insurance exclusions, which could limit coverage.

Leak detection and repair requires expert attention from a full-service plumbing company that can fix the leaks and also repair any damages. Talk to JB Plumbing about our electronic and ultrasonic leak detection services to prevent water waste, lower your water bill, and avoid devastating damage.Thermal Image of the House

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