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Man in despair standing near leaking sink.When a pipe bursts when no one is home, resulting flood waters can destroy furnishings and undermine the home’s structural integrity. Floods require massive cleanup, including debris removal and disposal as well as construction and repairs.

Tips for managing the post-flood process:

Remove Soiled Materials

Safely assess the damage by entering the home and cataloging those items that are damaged but salvageable, as well as anything that is toast. An important safety tip when entering a home with standing water is to turn off the main power supply to prevent electrocution. Turning off the main breaker isn’t enough in such a case; ask the fire department or power company to disconnect the meter from the socket to take your home off of the grid. Water and electricity do not mix.

  • Extract remaining water with vacuums and physically push large quantities with brooms – directing the flow towards the nearest exit.
  • Remove drywall, as water will travel upwards throughout each piece and could eventually pose an additional health hazard. Don’t try to save costs by removing sections of drywall. Microscopic mold could be present in the pieces you leave behind.
  • Remove carpets, pads, curtains, and drapes. These materials soak up water, so you cannot dry out the sub-floor area unless you remove the entire carpet.
  • Discard electronics. Using flood-damaged electrical appliances such as dryers, washing machines, or refrigerators can be risky.Water pipeline with valve. Isolated on white background

Air it Out

Circulating air is essential after a flood to preserve the integrity of various materials and to prevent mold growth.

  • Use commercial strength air movers and fans to forcefully push air throughout the house. Big box stores offer rental services for air movers and other related equipment.
  • Utilize dehumidifiers to extract moisture from the air. This is especially important in a flooded basement which will often stay damp long after a flood.
  • If it is not raining and humidity is low, open the windows and sliding doors to encourage a cross breeze.
  • A flood caused by a sewer line backup means bacterial-laden water. Use a bleach solution to cover floors and other affected materials. If the extent of sewage water damage is significant, consider hiring a professional remediation firm.

Stop Mold Growth

Bursting PipeIf you experience a flood, then a primary concern will likely be mold growing in your home.

Consider these tips for lessening the chances of mold growth:

  • Discard materials outside of the home. Don’t leave piles of carpet in the home overnight as mold spores can travel through the air.
  • Use bleach in flood-affected areas after they have dried. For example, you can lightly spray a bleach/water solution on the wall studs after removing drywall.
  • Continue using air movers on any damp areas. Be careful with air flow placement, for example avoid aiming air directly at any growing mold as this will send new spores flying through the home.
  • After the home is repaired, keep an eye on humidity levels and adjust them by using air conditioning or dehumidifiers.
  • For more tips about mold remediation, click here.

After removing materials and airing out the home, begin the rebuilding process. This is the ideal time to bring an experienced plumbing company onboard to install new pipes, fixtures, and appliances while they guide you on ways to prevent future flooding incidents.

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