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In 2000, long before the word “mold” struck fear in the hearts of homeowners and insurance agents alike, a family of five experienced unexplained breathing difficulty, headaches, rashes, bloody noses, fatigue and eye irritations. They eventually learned their health problems resulted from a small strip of a toxic mold on the bathroom wall. After a lab sample confirmed the presence of Stachybotrys Chartarum, they were forced to vacate the property and surrender many of their possessions, while the house was remediated by professionals.

Toxic Mold?

Today, most people know about the dangers of toxic mold. But there is a difference between the type of mold that forms around bathroom tile and the variety that feeds off drywall, cardboard and wood. While one is easy to remove with tub & tile cleaner, the other must be handled by professionals.

How to Identify Toxic Mold

  1. If you suspect your home may have toxic mold, survey your house for a mold colony. If you do not discover a suspicious back line, you may have to hire professionals to do a mold inspection.
  2. If you spy something that looks like it could be black toxic mold, call a professional, who can test to identify the species
  3. After you have confirmation the mold in your house is toxic, take steps immediately to have it removed.

Don’t Disturb Black Toxic Mold

With so much information about toxic mold on the Internet, people feel empowered to use bleach to remove the colony. Doing so is a big mistake. The reason for this is that professionals understand how to safely eliminate the mold without inadvertently spreading spores all over the house in the process. Disturbing black toxic mold can trigger the release of millions of spores and mycotoxins, which can contaminate your home – to the point of no return.

Since mold spores can lie dormant for thousands of years, it isn’t safe to remove them unless you understand the process for safely doing so. The goal of black toxic mold removal is not to kill it but to completely remove the mold from your home. Cut away and remove affected materials, like drywall, in a manner which will disturb the mold as little as possible.

Hire a Professional for Black Toxic Mold Removal

If you have black toxic mold in your home, call a professional plumber, such as JB Plumbing, who is experienced at mold removal. JB Plumbing is a licensed general contractor, so we are not only qualified to safely remediate mold but also can replace any construction materials that are damaged in the process. So, we can restore your house to its pre-mold condition.

We can safely remove black toxic mold without allowing spores and mycotoxins to spread into the rest of the house. We will cut away all affected material and safely remove it from your home, disturbing the mold colony as little as possible in the process. What’s more, we will also seal off the area to contain mold particles.

Mold Removal Process

We wear safety equipment, like HEPA breathing masks and protective suits in the process. After we have removed the black toxic mold, we will use powerful HEPA vacuum cleaners to eliminate residual mold particles.

Act Now!

If you suspect your house harbors black toxic mold, don’t delay. Call a professional today. Mycotoxins in your home damage your health.

About JB Plumbing

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