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Creative abstract heavy non-ferrous metallurgical industry and industrial manufacturing business production concept: heap of shiny metal copper pipes with selective focus effectCopper Re-pipe

You May Need a re-pipe if your house was built prior to 1970. Older homes usually have galvanized pipes. Eventually, these pipes will need to be replaced.

Will a Copper Re-pipe Help With Low Water Pressure?

A professional re-piping job will restore water pressure. If you have noticed a reduction in water flow, this may be attributable to old pipes that have rusted on the inside and closed up. As galvanized pipes age, they rust and close up on the inside. This greatly reduces the volume of water that the pipes can supply. If you have ever been scalded in the shower with a sudden influx of unexpected hot water, such as when someone flushes a toilet while someone else is in the shower, you understand the frustration of living with old galvanized pipes. This situation occurs because the pipes are caked with rust. We can help with all of your re-piping needs. We install clean, new American-made pipe, which won’t rust. This pipe will deliver clean water for years to come.

Fix Leaking rusty pipes?

Galvanized pipe is steel pipe with a galvanizes coating. The coating is applied directly to the pipe to protect it and keep it from rusting. Over a period of time, this galvanized coating wears off. Once the coating starts to wear, the rusting process begins. As the steel in the pipe continues to rust, it thins out. Eventually, it becomes so thin that a leak occurs. This process takes years. The rusty spots on the outside of the pipe actually started on the inside.  As you can imagine, all of this rust is the reason your water is brown and rusty.

The process.

At JB Plumbing, we are expert  copper re-pipers. We have copper-re-piped hundreds of homes. Each home is different and presents it’s own set of unique challenges. Our professional plumbers can solve those challenges.

Your home was built on one of two types of foundations:

  • The first is conventional or a raised floor foundation. This means that the house has a wood sub-floor. In these types of houses, all of the pipes were installed in this sub-floor space. These types of houses are the easiest to repipe. When we repipe a home built over a sub-floor, we re-install new pipes under the house.The pipes run under the house to all of the bathroom locations. Then they are run up into the bathrooms, water heaters and other plumbing fixture locations. Often, the pipes can be installed through cabinet bottoms. This eliminates the need for opening walls. All hot water piping under the house is insulated to prevent heat loss.
  • The other type of home is built on a concrete slab foundation. The water lines for most of these types of homes is located under the actual concrete slab. In this case, the new clean copper pipes would have to be installed in the attic space. This is because there is no way to reinstall the new pipes under the concrete without damaging the foundation.
  • Once the pipes are run to the bathroom and plumbing fixture areas, they will be run down the wall to the sinks, toilets, etc. This will require opening drywall or plaster to install the pipes. At JB Plumbing, we are careful to minimize the amount of drywall damage to your home. All drywall is patched by our professional drywall patchers. When you call JB Plumbing, you can count on us taking the utmost care to protect your home while we work.


Ready for some good news? When you copper re-pipe your home, there are some upgrade options to consider.

  • One popular upgrade which can be done at the time of your re-pipe is to install new pressure balanced tub/shower and shower valves. Pressure balanced valves prevent temperature fluctuations while you are in the shower. These valves automatically adjust to maintain an even temperature, even if someone turns on water elsewhere in the house.
  • Sometimes, our customers take advantage of a copper re-pipe job to have us move the water heater outside. We can help with upgrades of this kind, as well as many others. Moving the water heater outside can free up space in the house. It is also safer to store the heater outside. Sometimes, our clients elect to install tank-less water heaters. Energy efficient, these heaters are a smart replacement for traditional tank-style heaters.

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