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Water Leaks Can Start in the Slab

Water leaks in your home can are a serious plumbing issue. For example, a potential leak which requires immediate attention forms under your house, in the concrete slab foundation. JB Plumbing offers complete slab leak detection and repair services.

When the water supply pipes or drainpipes which run through the concrete slab underneath your home break, crack or burst, the slab will start to leak. Although this type of leak is not technically located inside the slab itself, the leak occurs inside the pipes which are encased in or underneath the concrete slab of your home.

Conditions which could hasten a Slab Leak

JB Plumbing is a licensed general contractor.

A leak under your slab could occur for one of many reasons. The most common are:

  1. Pipe corrosion
  2. Friction from other pipes, concrete or gravel, which wears and tears on pipes
  3. High water pressure
  4. Improperly constructed or improperly installed pipes
  5. Settling or shifting slabs, which can cause pipes to break

How to identify a Slab Leak?  Call JB Plumbing in Diamond Bar if:

  • You hear running water even when with faucets turned off.
  • Your water meter is spinning even when the water inside and outside of your home is turned off
  • You notice that cracks appear in your walls or through flooring
  • Mold and mildew or moisture forms under carpets or flooring
  • A strong sewage smell wafts up from under your house, this could signal a break in the sewer or a drain line.
  • If you have recently experienced a “bug problem,” this could be due to moisture which is escaping from the slab.
  • Your water bills are higher-than-average.

When to Call a Professional

Only an expert plumber is qualified to do a thorough leak detection procedure. Given proper equipment and the right tools, JB Plumbing can locate the source of the leak and make necessary repairs with minimum destruction to your home and disruption to your life. At JB Plumbing, we send a licensed plumber to every job. So, you won’t have to worry about someone making a mess of your home or being less than thorough. We do the job right the first time!

Slab Leak Repair Process

Once we detect the presence of a leak under your slab, we will give you a few repair options to choose from, such as:

  • Re-routing new pipe, above ground. This is best in cases where only a short length of pipe is faulty.
  • Re-piping handles multiple leaks. This is probably the right solution for permanently eliminating leaks. Minimally invasive, re-piping involves cutting into floors and concrete slabs to access the leak and install new pipes.
  • Relining – is done when a new liner can be pushed through a broken sewer pipe to cover breaks and seal leaks. For this, a trench is not required. Instead, holes are accessed on either end of the pipe. A flexible sleeve is inserted into old pipe and cures in place until it forms strong, rigid pipes.

Slab Leak Insurance Coverage Specialists

JB Plumbing takes the headache out of home insurance coverage for items like slab leak repair.

Although your insurance policy may not cover the cost of a slab leak repair, the experts at JB Plumbing understand how to explain the necessary repairs to your insurer, based on the type of coverage you have and the nature of the necessary repair. Working with us will give you an edge up, because we have so much experience dealing with homeowner’s insurance companies.

Flood Restoration

If you suspect that your home has a slab leak, call JB Plumbing today for an inspection. And if a slab leak gets out of hand and floods your entire house, you can be sure that our plumbing professionals will be able to repair your home, dry everything and replace whatever is necessary to restore your home.

With us, you can expect upfront pricing; fast, free estimates; licensed, bonded and insured plumbers who are neat, polite, and well trained. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment and are proud of the fact our services are free from hidden costs like travel charges. If you call JB Plumbing today, 24/7, you will speak directly to a plumber instead of a telephone answering service. At JB Plumbing, we are experts in residential and commercial plumbing as well as construction. Call today to schedule an appointment. (909) 593-2194.

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