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How to Spot & Repair Slab Leaks

If your house was built on a concrete slab, you could eventually encounter a slab leak! Simply stated, a slab leak is water that leaks through a slab of concrete. Pipes located underneath the foundation of your home transport water to and from the property. If left unchecked, when cracks or holes form in the pipes – whether they are minor or major — can cause serious water damage to your home. In fact, if the leak isn’t found and eliminated in a timely manner, slab leaks can lead to everything from simple cosmetic to serious structural damage.

Slab Leak Detection

Although detecting a slab leak can be difficult, if you know what to look for, you can take steps to identify slow leaks before tiny issues morph into huge plumbing nightmares.

Does your home have a slab leak?

Running Water

As water rushes through pipes, it makes a familiar sound. If the sound of running water is present even when everything is off, you probably have a slab leak.

High Water Bills

Although most people complain about the high price of water, you should notice if your bill suddenly spikes. Unless you have another explanation, this is likely caused a leak somewhere in your house. Check your faucets to make sure a simple faucet repair won’t eliminate the issue. If the faucets are in good working condition, a higher-than-normal water bill could signify a leak.

Warm Spots on the Floor

Warm water leaking from a pipe below the foundation of your home could lead to hot spots or puddles. If you have pets, don’t automatically assume wet spots were caused by them. But if they are hanging around a certain section of your floor, a slab leak may be the reason.

Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew follow leaks. If your house smells musty, a slab leak could be the cause.

Water leaks leave a moldy, musty odor.

Slab Leak Help

To get to the bottom of any of the above, call a slab leak professional. There may be no need to tear down walls or flooring. Professional plumbers, such as slab leak specialist JB Plumbing, use moisture detection equipment, such as electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators, so we can spot the exact location of a leak. This reduces the damage done to your home. What’s more, as a licensed general contractor, we eliminate the slab leak and repair resulting damage.

San Dimas Plumber Repairs Slab Leaks

Located in San Dimas, California, JB Plumbing specializes in flood restoration and slab leak repair. We offer upfront pricing; fast, free estimates; licensed, bonded and insured plumbers who are neat, polite, and well trained. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment and are proud of the fact our services are free from hidden costs like travel charges. If you call JB Plumbing today, 24/7, you will speak directly to a plumber instead of a telephone answering service. At JB Plumbing, we are experts in residential and commercial plumbing as well as construction. Call today to schedule an appointment. (909) 593-2194.