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In Southern California, where JB Plumbing is based, the heat is on! It’s just early July, and the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley have already broken extreme weather records! Consider these recent heat-related headlines:

You might ask what scorching temps have to do with plumbing, since that is the topic of this blog. In short, hot temps often coincide with increased water usage…both indoors and out. In fact, on average, families use 25-50 percent more water during warm months than they do the rest of the year.

Examples of Increased Summer Water Use

  1. Drinking water to stay hydrated
  2. Summer company equals more showers
  3. Filling kiddie pools and other water-related toys like Slip-n-Slides
  4. Cold showers to cool off
  5. Sprinklers running to keep plants and flowers alive
  6. Extra outdoor activity can result in more loads of laundry

Money-Saving Summer Plumbing Tips

While the above activities can be fun, they can tax your pipes and impact your pocketbook. So, here are a few money-saving ideas for maintaining summer plumbing:

  • If you plan to take a vacation, don’t forget to turn down turn water to save energy while you’re away. The average life expectancy of a water heater is 10 years. So, take advantage of the time you can give this heavy-hitting appliance a break.
  • While you entertain family and friends, avoid the temptation to eliminate uneaten food by tossing it into the garbage disposal. Peels and skins can break metal teeth. Instead, consider starting a compost pile or toss into the trash.
  • Give your washing machine a break by hand-washing delicate items. Also, inspect your hoses. The lifetime of a washing machine hose is three years.
  • While you won’t want to discourage guests from showering while they visit, you can take care of your plumbing by replacing old appliances like showerheads, faucets and toilet tanks. Exchanging energy-users with efficient appliances won’t just save you during summer but all year long.
  • Water your lawn in the cool of the day instead of during peak hours. The best times to water are early morning and early evening. Taking this simple step eliminates the risk of evaporation. While watering, check hoses and sprinklers to eliminate leaks.

One call does it all

If you need assistance with your plumbing in and around the San Gabriel Valley this summer or any time at all, give us a call. With us, you can expect upfront pricing; fast, free estimates; licensed, bonded and insured plumbers who are neat, polite, and well trained. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment and are proud of the fact our services are free from hidden costs like travel charges. If you contact JB Plumbing today, 24/7, you will speak directly to a plumber instead of a telephone answering service. At JB Plumbing, we are experts in residential and commercial plumbing as well as construction. Call today to schedule an appointment. (909) 593-2194.

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