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While on the job in cities such as San Dimas, Rancho Cucamonga, and Diamond Bar, we often answer lots of plumbing-related questions. Since many of the themes are common, we wanted to take a few minutes to share some of the most popular with you.

  1. How do drains clog?

One of the most common causes of stopped-up drains starts with installation…particularly in high-traffic areas like the kitchen. With plumbing, as in life, something that starts badly will likely end that way, too. Hire a professional to install showers, tubs and sinks. Bathroom drains get clogged most often because of oily residue left behind by soap, shampoo and hair. In previous posts, we have discussed eco-friendly cleaning options. Click here to be reminded about those ideas.

  1. What makes my toilet run?

A common childhood prank is to call strangers and ask if their toilets or refrigerators are running. But, all kidding aside, this is seriously one of the most common plumbing problems we address. When your toilet won’t stop making noise, the likely culprit is a flap at the bottom of the tank. For a simple fix, jiggle the handle. For a more permanent solution, remove the tank top and flush the toilet while watching the rubber flap. The level won’t reach the fill line if water escapes. A small tube should be connected to the flapper. Make sure the water level is about one inch below the overflow tube or level with the manufacturers mark inside the tank.

  1. Why is my water bill so high?

Although, as plumbers, we have little to do with setting water rates, we can recommend a few things to check if you notice higher than average water bills:

  • The first thing you should check is your toilets, to make sure they are not leaking.
  • See if any of your faucets are dripping. A drip today could lead to ca-ching tomorrow, when the bill shows up. In addition to wasting an important natural resource, the sound of a leaky faucet can drive you crazy.
  • Affix fixtures firmly to surfaces.
  1. Does it matter what I grind in my garbage disposal?

Although we have written entire blog posts about garbage disposals, the subject comes up enough that we thought it worthy of additional coverage. To increase efficiency and lengthen disposal life, run water every time you use your garbage disposal. The moisture will help break up food particles. Refrain from grinding food that lodges between blades, such as egg shells, carrot skins, peas, mashed potatoes and small pieces of meat. Also, don’t grind hard items like bones and coffee grounds, which will wear out the disposal by dulling the blades. When in doubt, compost it out. 

  1. Our water heater whines; why is that?

The two most common causes for water heater noise include steam and tank sediment. To fix steam problems, adjust settings on the thermostat. Do you suspect a faulty thermostat?  If so, adjust the temp all the way down. If the heat source doesn’t turn off, replace the thermostat. Anyone who lives in an area that has hard water, your water heater may be prone to problematic sediment. The quick-fix is to open drain valves at the bottom of the tank and empty a little water until it runs clear. If you live in an area with excessively hard water, consider investing in a whole-house water softener or picking up a tankless water heater.

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