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One of the most common problems that we encounter with regard to water heaters is that the pilot doesn’t stay lit. Simply follow the instructions on the front of the heater for re lighting. If the pilot still won’t light or stay lit, the problem may be more serious. The problem could be the thermocouple.


  • The thermocouple is a safety device, whose job is to assure that, in the event that the pilot goes out, gas won’t travel to the pilot or the main burner.
  • The thermocouple is positioned so that the flame of the pilot is always hitting it.
  • While the flame is hitting the thermocouple it generates a small electrical charge.
  • This electrical charge tells the control valve that it is safe to send gas to the pilot and to the burner.
  • If the thermocouple fails, the control valve shuts down and your pilot goes out and won’t stay lit. Our highly-trained technicians will quickly diagnose and solve your plumbing problems.

Thermostatic Control Valve

Another common water problem is that the thermostatic control valve can wear out.

  • This valve is the brains of the unit. It controls all of the function of the heaters.
  • The main function is to regulate the temperature of the water.
  • If the hot water in your house is not hot enough, the problem could be that the temperature is not set to a high enough setting. This is a simple repair. Just turn the dial up to a hotter setting. If this does not fix the problem, give us a call (909) 483-1231. The problem could be that the thermostat has gone out on the heater. If that is the case, the control valve would need to be replaced.

Noisy Water Heaters

People sometimes complain that their water heaters makes rumbling noises. This noise can be loud and sounds ominous. The problem is caused by an excess buildup of sediment in the heater. The sediment builds up and traps water between the layers. When the sediment heats up, the trapped water escapes and makes noise. One call to us and we will solve all of your plumbing-related problems.

Warning– Heaters run on gas and have complex safety systems. Repairs to your equipment are better left to a professional plumber. Don’t take chances with your safety or the safety of your family members.


There are a number of water heater plumbing code requirements:

  • Each unit must be strapped for earthquake safety.
  • These straps have to be installed within the top 18” and the bottom 18” of the unit.
  • Water heaters in the garage are required to be 18” off the ground. This is to keep the burner away from any combustible materials. At JB Plumbing, we install a nice metal platform to bring water heaters up to code.
  • Heaters are also required to have a temperature and pressure relief valve. This is another safety device which prevents excess pressure from building up in the heater. In this case, the pipe would need to be run to the outside. At JB Plumbing, we are happy to install the valve or piping to bring the heater up to code.

New Equipment

JB Plumbing provides and installs all sizes of gas and electric tank and tankless units. Tank heaters come in sizes from 20 gallon to 100 gallon. Most homes have a 40-or 50-gallon heaters. New heaters are very energy efficient. The brand we prefer is Bradford White. Our experience with this types of tankless units has been very good.

Tankless heaters do not store water. Instead, they rely on a very hot burner to supply water on-demand. We can retrofit a tankless heater in exchange for your tank-style heater. These tankless heaters are a nice upgrade for large families or anyone who needs endless hot water.

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