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 According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), American animal lovers spent more than $60.59 billion on dogs and cats in 2015. With such common yet significant investments, it’s little wonder so many consider pets to be members of the family. But few other family members have the impact our furry friends make on indoor and outdoor plumbing. Unless you carefully consider the impact that pets can have on your plumbing, your pet-related expenses could exponentially rise.

Protect Your Plumbing & Your Pets

  • During bath time, use a drain stopper or strainer in the tub or sink. This is important because hair leads to clogged drains. What’s more, dog and cat paws can get stuck in drain holes. Covering the drain during bath time protects only your plumbing as well as your pet! When bath time is over and your pet is clean, remove him from bath water and use paper towels to collect visible hair before removing the stopper.
  • Make sure faucets and shower heads have pressure balancing valves to keep temperature consistent during your pet’s bath. If you have ever showered while someone else flushes the toilet, you will know why we suggest. To avoid this, ask your plumber to install pressure balancing valves, which will reduce the risk of scalding or freezing your pets during bath time.
  • Keep the toilet lid closed! For some unknown reason, pets tend to like licking the toilet bowl and drinking out of the toilet. To prevent this, train family and friends to close the lid after each use. The residue left from cleaners and chemicals is toxic. Dog bowls are a much better option for Fido’s water fix.
  • Cat litter doesn’t belong down the toilet even if packaging claims it’s “flushable.” Take our word for it; there is no such thing! To eliminate the risk of clogging your toilet bowl, flush waste and toilet paper only.
  • Pay attention to your dog’s digging habits. Shallow water and/or sewer lines are sometimes located just 18 inches below the surface of your lawn. If your pooch likes to dig holes, make sure he is far from sewer water. Otherwise, he could potentially pierce your water line or sewer line.
  • Has your cat or dog discovered a “natural spring” in your yard? If you see her drinking from a puddle near pipes, quickly move the animal away from the water and investigate the source of the leak. If you suspect the water source is the result of a hidden plumbing problem, ask your plumber to come to your home to check for leaks.

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